Here’s a list of rules to make sure this is a safe and fun Sonamy week. Those that ignore the rules will not have their works shared on our accounts, those that frequently ignore the rules will be forever banned from having their work shared.

  • ❤No NSFW pictures (Keep it at most PG-13)
  • ❤No excessive gore (minor scrapes and bruises are ok)
  • ❤No domestic violence or other heavy/triggering stuff
  • ❤Don’t bring other characters just to create a ship war (Seriously don’t, it’s uncool!)
  • ❤Only give constructive criticism when asked.on’t go posting mean comments)
  • ❤When creating AMVs or banners for writing prompts, please don’t use other’s artwork without permission (Simply ask the artist for permission)
  • ❤Don’t trace or steal art work (This is about creating new and fresh content)
  • ❤Try and keep them in character (Or as closely to it)
  • ❤Must fit the theme
  • ❤Have fun!