❤︎What is Sonamy week?❤︎

Sonamy week is where fans of the pairing Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose create fan works based on the theme for the week. Themes change annually! This blog will be reblogging those works during the duration of the week. If you plan to participate in Sonamy week please use tags: #Sonamy Week #Sonamy Week 2019 and whatever theme is was so we may share it on our accounts!

❤ ︎What works can be posted during Sonamy week? ❤︎

Anything! AMV, fanfiction, drawings, cosplay, etc. Just as long as it stays within the rules, everything original will be accepted!

❤ Does my work have to be at a certain “level” of quality? ❤︎

Nope! Whether you're a beginner or a pro at your content we accept everything as long as it fits the theme and rules!

❤ ︎Do I have to work with the theme? ❤︎

Yes, the point of a ship week is it’s a group effort so everyone stays in theme. We’ll only be reblogging posts that fit the themes.